Top 5 Best Horror Games of 2017

Game developers have been working overtime to keep up with our gaming fantasies and the choices we have today for games on play station or our smartphones is no longer restricted to car racing or crushing fruits and candy. This is the age where you can be a character in your scariest horror movies by being immersed in the blood-chilling scenes but from the comfort of your chair.

  1. Alien: Isolation 

In this game, you are Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Sigourney Weaver and you are required to navigate the scary space station Sevastopol, ridden with the scariest aliens you have ever seen.

The xenomorph prowls the station, and the weapons on offer will not do a thing, so you are better off staying out of its way, but they work against all the other terrifying occupants. The slightest noise will attract the xeno to you and since you don’t have a stockpile of ammunition, you need to keep running and hiding.

  1. Resident Evil: Biohazard

Resident Evil has millions of fans worldwide for both their movie series and the gaming series.

In this game, you will meet the Baker family, while looking for your wife Mia who went missing mysteriously. You head out to Louisiana to find her, in an eerie farmhouse that houses the Bakers. You are Ethan Winters and it’s really scary when you are fighting this dangerous and unpredictable, supernatural family with very limited ammunition. So you will spend some considerable amount of time hiding.

  1. Little Nightmares

This game does not have the shootings and the goriness of other horror games, but when you are a young girl, navigating through the world that is constantly morphing, one time feeling like a house, the next time a restaurant and sways dangerously, your guts will be out all through the game.

Your character is Six, and you are in a bright yellow coat, which is pretty much attractive to the monsters in this game, which pop out in kitchens, bedrooms, the bathroom and you have to continuously dodge them.

  1. Outlast 2

With Outlast 2, you totally forget about the guns and the grenades and instead pick up your camera which is your sole weapon in this game. The battery doesn’t last as long as you think and especially in night vision, which is not so rosy when you have to rescue your wife from cultists who will want to kill you at every corner.

  1. Emily Wants to Play

There was the scary film, The Exorcism or Emily Rose, and then there is this game. You are a pizza delivery boy and you are done with the day’s delivery, well except on house on your route home. You know on the door, that opens, the lights are on, but nobody is behind that door and as you take a few steps inside, the door shuts behind you and your frantic efforts to open it are useless. You have to play with Emily and you won’t love the game.

In conclusion, these top 5 games aren’t the only games in the market today but you will want to start with these before you give others a try. These games promise all the suspense, the goriness and the scary scenes you have been longing for.

Water-saving Tips for “Green” Gardeners

Planting, gardening, landscaping: there’s just something therapeutic about them. Perhaps it’s the joy of taking care of living things; maybe it’s the calming atmosphere that being surrounded by nature brings; or it could also possibly be the prospect of being in the presence of beautiful homegrown plants. Whatever it may be, there is no exception to the rule that you need to balance between conserving water in order to keep the supply steady, which is important in the long run when it comes to gardening, while maintaining its quality.

So, to help you with that, especially if you’re still “green” when it comes to this activity, allow this article to give you a few tips on both. Let’s start with how you can make your use of the resource more effective by showing you a couple of alternatives to your usual lawn and garden supplies.
First, there’s Synthetic grass. More commonly known as Astroturf, it became popular due to its use in sports venues like football and baseball. Due to environmental concerns caused by the amount of water natural grass requires, this alternative has achieved popularity as the choice type of lawn or garden flooring for homeowners interested in landscaping. As with other man-made product, the quality of Astroturf today has started to become closer and closer to the real thing, thanks to research and development on it, which makes it more durable and resistant to heat, and has that authentic texture to it. And, since it is synthetic, you won’t have to worry about watering it or mowing it from time to time.
However, you should also know that there have been reports about its safety risks, which come mainly from the materials that make up the synthetic grass itself. So, be sure that you do your research prior to purchasing it, and only procure it from a trusted seller.
A second alternative, if you want to opt for materials that could also serve to decorate your lawn or garden, is an expansive selection of ground or lawn and garden flooring covers you can make use of in order to get rid of unwanted weed growth and soil erosion. This is usually a problem with landscapers, as you run the risk of having the grass pulled out along with the growth of weeds you’re trying to remove. As a solution, you could use decorative rocks or even the ever popular garden gnome to cover some ground where weed growth is severe and to protect your lawn’s soil from other elements that could compromise its quality. Ground covers could really be anything you can think of; just be creative!

Of course, having the proper lawn and gardening materials isn’t enough to maintain its beauty and let it thrive; you should also consider the water that you use for this. Making sure its quality is up to par could be easily determined with the use of a water softener like the one Harvey’s makes. You can find out more about Harvey’s water softeners on this page.
Another useful tool for your gardening needs is a durable and efficient water filter to remove all unwanted elements in it. Read more on WSE in case you’re wondering what it’s all about.

Pokemon Go – Catching the Spirit of Experience!

Pokemon Go is one of the trending and latest smartphone application that use location monitoring to enable you to take a trip the real life catching imaginary beasts referred to as Pokemon. Pokemon, or pocket beasts, are animals that you could train, capture, and fight against other individuals that have their very own Pokemon.

You can download it for free and install the game anytime by visiting their web page or at Google Play store. The only fee is when you wish to level up the experience of your Pokemon GO by acquiring products through PokeCoins.


Considering that it’s beginning in the mid-90s, it has been a prominent video animation, trading, and game card pillar for everyone in his teenage or mid-twenties. As a person that matured with Pokemon and still plays the games to this particular day seeing Pokemon Go dominating the ground, it has aroused my interest to discuss why it is so preferred and how the spirit of the initial Gameboy is caught completely in this game.

Why Pokemon stays so preferred and why Pokemon Go has brought a new thrill in the show?

  • The Collection Beginnings

To discuss Pokemon Go and Pokemon, generally, we have to access the heart of what it is all about. It comes from, oddly enough, the concept of sampling gathering, especially of accumulating pests and similar creatures.

  • To keep the Pokemon Go bold.

In the initial games of the collection, Red and Blue player lives in the body of a 10 years old kid establishing out on a Pokemon journey to assist a researcher called Teacher Oak who discover about it.

Discover Pokemon in the Real life with Pokemon GO!

The 26 nations in Europe enjoy the launch of Pokemon G. By this, we can calculate the level of its popularity? I do not assume the Philippines will be disregarded as well as various other Oriental nations that have a big number of players awaiting this game. With the company’s decision to distribute the Pokemon GO game internationally, it could probably potentially be released right here in the Philippines prior to the end of this year.

Ways to Play the Pokemon Go Game more effectively?

Pokemon Go is developed on Niantic’s real life gaming system, it permits players to use actual places and advise them to discover in the real world to find Pokemon (the real life will be the setup for this game). As you discover your areas, the game allows you to catch a Pokemon from a wide range.

Another outstanding attribute of this game is its fun pictures. You could record pictures anytime making use of the in-game camera, particularly when you come across a Pokemon in the wild. You could route this Pokemon into the online scene in conformity to the position of your camera and take a picture of it at any time. You could after that conserve the image and share it whenever you like.


Know More About Best Smartphones features

Smartphone With high durability product you can protect for a long time from the impact or the like, you will be able to use the smartphone with confidence and you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies etc with the help of ShowBox application in places such as the sea and rivers by utilizing a highly waterproof product. So as to choose the accessories to suit each lifestyle, let’s be able to comfortably use a smartphone. In addition to not confuse the standards when purchasing, it is also necessary to prevent troubles such as accessories, which bought much trouble is not available.


A smartphone is a popular as a mobile terminal to enjoy the app and call and watch your favorite videos, photos and much more that you can do, it has been a favorite to many people all over the world. Here this website having some good content about smartphones accessories and application which will help you out. Durability and price by each of accessories, such as the effect obtained Let’s see the effect of once the product when purchasing a different because of the accessories.

But the durability of the smartphone is not so high, let’s note that such damage alone or hit or dropped from a little place occurs. Is smartphone is damaged will pay the cost to repair to, in some cases, you may lose your data and all, such as stored data is lost. So when you use a smartphone is to be fitted with accessories that are specified to each model, let’s protect the smartphone from damage, such as a shock. Since the type of accessories has been increasing gradually, you can select the accessories when you use is suited to each of the hobbies and tastes.The number of smartphone accessories is rich, and smartphone dedicated accessories from various manufacturers are sold.