Pokemon Go – Catching the Spirit of Experience!

Pokemon Go is one of the trending and latest smartphone application that use location monitoring to enable you to take a trip the real life catching imaginary beasts referred to as Pokemon. Pokemon, or pocket beasts, are animals that you could train, capture, and fight against other individuals that have their very own Pokemon.

You can download it for free and install the game anytime by visiting their web page or at Google Play store. The only fee is when you wish to level up the experience of your Pokemon GO by acquiring products through PokeCoins.


Considering that it’s beginning in the mid-90s, it has been a prominent video animation, trading, and game card pillar for everyone in his teenage or mid-twenties. As a person that matured with Pokemon and still plays the games to this particular day seeing Pokemon Go dominating the ground, it has aroused my interest to discuss why it is so preferred and how the spirit of the initial Gameboy is caught completely in this game.

Why Pokemon stays so preferred and why Pokemon Go has brought a new thrill in the show?

  • The Collection Beginnings

To discuss Pokemon Go and Pokemon, generally, we have to access the heart of what it is all about. It comes from, oddly enough, the concept of sampling gathering, especially of accumulating pests and similar creatures.

  • To keep the Pokemon Go bold.

In the initial games of the collection, Red and Blue player lives in the body of a 10 years old kid establishing out on a Pokemon journey to assist a researcher called Teacher Oak who discover about it.

Discover Pokemon in the Real life with Pokemon GO!

The 26 nations in Europe enjoy the launch of Pokemon G. By this, we can calculate the level of its popularity? I do not assume the Philippines will be disregarded as well as various other Oriental nations that have a big number of players awaiting this game. With the company’s decision to distribute the Pokemon GO game internationally, it could probably potentially be released right here in the Philippines prior to the end of this year.

Ways to Play the Pokemon Go Game more effectively?

Pokemon Go is developed on Niantic’s real life gaming system, it permits players to use actual places and advise them to discover in the real world to find Pokemon (the real life will be the setup for this game). As you discover your areas, the game allows you to catch a Pokemon from a wide range.

Another outstanding attribute of this game is its fun pictures. You could record pictures anytime making use of the in-game camera, particularly when you come across a Pokemon in the wild. You could route this Pokemon into the online scene in conformity to the position of your camera and take a picture of it at any time. You could after that conserve the image and share it whenever you like.


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